Zinc and Lead


Baterpol S.A.

Baterpol S.A. deals with recycling of lead-acid batteries and lead processing. The Company is the leading producer of lead alloys and refined lead. The Company owns the specialised containers and boxes for safety storage of battery scrap as well as the modern motor-cars base for its transportation. It allows the Company to gain batteries on the whole territory of Poland.


  • Refined lead and alloys of lead with antimony, tin, selenium, calcium, silver
  • Rolled and extruded lead and its alloy products (sheets, strips, anodes, pipes, rods, wires)
  • Polipropylene
  • Sodium sulphate


  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical industry


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Impexmetal Group is one of the largest industrial groups in Poland, offering a wide range of non- ferrous metals’ products. The Group’s basic segments are: aluminium, copper, zinc and lead and bearings.

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