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General Meeting of Impexmetal S.A. is the most important body of the Company and sits as an Ordinary or an Extraordinary General Meeting, according to the obliged rules of law, Statute of the Company and Regulations of the General Meeting. Corporate documents are available on the Company’s web site.
The General Meeting passes resolutions in particular on: :

  • review and approval of the report of the Management Board on the business of the Company and the financial statements for the previous financial year, and discharge of duties to the authorities of the Company;
  • distribution of profit or coverage of loss, including the allocation for dividend;
  • review and approval of the financial statements of the capital group;
  • change in the definition of the business of the Company;
  • amendment of the Statute of the Company;
  • raise or reduction of the share capital;
  • redemption of shares;
  • merger, split or transformation of the Company;
  • dissolution or liquidation of the Company;
  • issue of convertible bonds or bonds with pre-emptive right to take up shares and issue of subscription warrants referred to in Art. 453 §2 of the Commercial Companies Code;
  • disposal or lease of an enterprise or its organized part and its pledge;
  • acquisition of own shares in the case stipulated in Art. 362 §1 (2) of the Commercial Companies Code;
  • authorization to acquire them in the case stipulated in Art. 362 §1(8) of the Commercial Companies Code;
  • any decisions regarding claims to repair damage caused in forming the Company or through its management and supervision;
  • adoption of the Rules of the Supervisory Board;
  • conclusion of the contract referred to in Art. 7 of the Commercial Companies Code.

The Management Board has taken pains so that the General Meetings conveyed on the shareholders’ motion have taken place in dates pointed in the demand.

The demand of conveying of the General Meeting and placing determined issues in agenda, placing by the entitled subjects, should be justified. According to practices implemented in the Company, all important materials for General Meeting are available for shareholders according to the binding rules of the Commercial Companies Code and the Regulation of the Finance Minister. The Rules of the General Meeting is available on the web site of the Company at: www.impexmetal.com.pl

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